New Report: Class/Event Revenue Summary

Have you ever wondered how much revenue a class or event generates? Now you have a new tool in your arsenal. We’ve added a new report that allows you to view the revenue attached to any class or event. This is based on FEES PAID and linked to the class/event.

You’ll find you can search a date or date range, and the report will show you the revenue total, enrollment total, and an average revenue by enrolled student.

Things to be aware of:

  • This includes ALL types of fees, not just Tuition.
  • When the Enrollment (as of) is a date range, the enrollment number is the highest number of enrollments during that date range.
  • Fixed Fees don’t have a class assigned to them, therefore they appear grouped together at the end of the report as “No Class/Event”
  • Find this new report via the reports browser under “New Report” and “Transactions/Financials > Recommend”, as well as “Who Has Paid”.





We hope you’ll find this new report useful!

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