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More Report Templates for Even Easier Tracking

Now you have the convenience and time-saving ability to use templates in TEN more reports:

  • Absences-Makeups
  • Aged Accounts
  • Birthday
  • Contact Listing
  • Parent Portal Log
  • Drop History
  • Email Listing
  • Enroll History
  • Enrollment Snapshot1
  • Family Address Listing

Report templates are amazing because they enable you to customize reports to fit your business.

And we know that it takes time to get every detail just right. With report templates, you only have to do your customization once. After you’ve named and saved your customized reports, you can use them again and again.

The time savings isn’t the only advantage of using report templates. You get consistency in your data as well. With the many choices and combinations of criteria and settings that you can use in your Jackrabbit reports, recreating the same complex report week after week or month after month may be challenging. Once you’ve saved your report template, you never have to worry about this again. Your reports will be consistent each time you pull them using your templates!

If you’ve never used report templates, start today. It’s one of the most powerful time-savers that Jackrabbit offers.

“Jackrabbit’s reports are awesome – especially from an owner’s perspective. I can choose existing report formats or create my own custom reports – whatever I need to monitor, track and compare my business data to understand our performance and our future potential.”  Lisa Muratore, Miss Lisa’s Music

You can find help for getting started with report templates here.

Look in the Help Center. How To Guide>Reports>Report Templates

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