from Patti Komara

We asked Patti Komara (Patti’s All American and The Tumblebear Connection) what her thoughts are on this notable motivational quote:

‘Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear.’ 

— Mark Twain

Patti’s response:

“I believe that every person might fear starting a business. It just doesn’t have to be fearful. A successful business takes three things: hard work, attention to detail, and a passion for what it is you’re selling. Everyone feels afraid to reprimand an employee or have that difficult conversation, but when it’s over, it feels so good. Don’t be afraid. Know that others in your place are fearful, too. Just do it! My favorite line to remind myself when I’m fearful to ask a question is, ‘The answer is always no until you ask.’ Just do it!” 


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