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Little Otter Swim School’s Safety Day

As children count the days until summer vacation, parents start planning fun summer activities. One thing the summer is sure to bring is heat. Lots of sunshine and high temperatures make swimming that much more fun, which is why so many summer activities involve water.

For kids, the water is fun and exciting. They want to jump in, learn how to dive, and be the fastest shark to swim across the pool. For parents, the water means watching the children. Making sure the children are having fun is only half of the job – being proactive in teaching the children about safety is the other.

At Little Otter Swim School, John and Lori have given their students and parents an opportunity to learn about safety at their school. Twice a year, Little Otter opens their doors to teach the Safer 3 Program. The program is based on principles that we can be safer around the water with safer kids, safer water and safer responses. Safety facts, rules and tips were shared during this portion of the session. The second portion was actually  jumping into the pool – fully clothed.

Jumping into a pool fully clothed helps swimmers understand what it feels like to accidentally fall in.  Children can forget what they have learned in swimming lessons if they fall into a body of water. This exercise will teach children that if they fall in, they can swim just like they do in the Little Otter pool.

Little Otter offers this event – separate from the child’s lesson schedule and at no extra charge – so both parents can attend and  that it doesn’t consume any of their regular lesson time. Saturday, May 18 Little Otter taught 125 young swimmers about the Safer 3. Visit their blog or Facebook page for more information and pictures.

What have you done for National Water Safety Month? Share your story here!


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