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Keeping Personal Information Secure with Jackrabbit Class

Securing personal information is important to your customers, making it just as important to you. Here at Jackrabbit Class, we strive to protect all sensitive information as we take security very seriously. To help demonstrate, we’ve put together some of the steps we take to ensure your information is safe.

Protecting Your Information with Encryption

Like we said before, we’re big on keeping you and your customer’s data safe from any prying eyes, that’s why we ensure that every piece of confidential information is scrambled in transit to and from our servers using advanced encryption methods. This prevents potential hackers from accessing payment information, social security numbers, addresses and more. You can rest easy knowing Jackrabbit puts as much effort and care into confidential information as you do! To help your digital security stay at the top of its game though, there are a few steps you can take to help protect your information:

  • Establish good password management for your staff and create strong passwords.
  • Consider using a password manager or password vault.
  • Never share login information.
  • Use best practices when assigning user permissions in Jackrabbit to your staff Give user permissions sparingly.
  • Reset passwords frequently.
  • Use an email specific to you and the one associated with your UserID.

Safety in the Cloud

We’ve heard that nobody understands the cloud, but we do! We utilize a utilize a HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant cloud service to host all of your staff, payroll, customer and business Information. If you’re unfamiliar with these certifications, they basically mean that we go the extra mile to keep things secure from the threat of cyber attacks.

Payment Security Through PCI Compliance

If you use ePayments with Jackrabbit, most of your families (if not all) have credit cards on file. Once the credit card number is entered by a Jackrabbit user or the contact on the family (via the Parent Portal), it is vaulted when the card is saved as part of PCI compliance. This means you can only see the first digit and the last four digits of any credit card saved, helping keep payment information safe and secure. If you have heavy traffic in and out of your office, this ensures that a family’s sensitive information is protected even more.

At Jackrabbit Class, we strive to treat your youth activity center’s information with a level of care and safety that you and your customers can rely on! We hope you find these certifications and steps are in line with our commitment to you! For more detailed information on Security and Privacy in Jackrabbit, see our Help section.

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