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Jackrabbit’s Unlimited Lead File

You have the option – directly in your Jackrabbit system – to create contact records to be used solely for marketing.

Jackrabbit has a feature that enables you to separate perspective clients from active clients into an archive file called the Unlimited Lead File.

How does this benefit you?

  • There is no additional charge for the contacts stored in your Unlimited Lead File.
  • Lead File contacts are excluded from your total student count.
  • Since your Jackrabbit subscription fee is based on your total student count, using the Lead File feature can actually save you money.
  • You can access these files for email or snail mail marketing.

What will Unlimited Lead File enable you to do?

  • Store and track prospective customer information.
  • Mass email leads.
  • Mass report/export on leads.
  • Print mailing labels for leads.

The Details

It is easy to use this feature to create a Lead File.

In fact, Jackrabbit offers multiple ways to accomplish this!

  • Use Add Lead link under Lead File item under the Family Main menu option.
  • Move existing families to Lead File with push of a button from the Family Page. (Be aware that this MOVES the file – it doesn’t COPYit*)
  • Mass Archive any number of families to your Lead File and export the information to an Excel spreadsheet.

*You are strongly urged to export ALLinformation from inactive students and families to an Excel spreadsheet BEFORE moving your files.

All active file information is not moved to the Lead File.

Information that is saved when you move a file:

Billing Contact Name, Phone, Email, Address, Family Notes, Family User-defined Fields, Family Balance, Student Name, Phone Email DOB and Gender, Student’s Last Class

Information that is NOT saved when you move a file:

Transactions, Enrollment, Majority of Family, Student and Contact Details

You can restore Lead File records to your family database.

Doing this, however, will not restore the information that did not move into the Lead File with your contact information. Use the spreadsheet that you exported prior to moving your contacts to the Lead File to replace transaction, enrollment and family, student and contact details that you may need.

Finally, a Video on the Unlimited Lead File is available on Jackrabbit’s website. Please review it and contact support if you have further questions.

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