Jackrabbit’s Online Tools Help Camp Swamp Give Parents Easy Options

Camp Swamp


1 location, 1344 campers, 60 counselors

Camp Director, Jeff Rorabaugh


Jeff had a list of 14 requirements that his new management system needed to meet but he wasn’t having much luck in finding a system that provided more than half of the list – until he came across Jackrabbit. This was a system that met 10 of his 14 requirements, but it was not specifically geared to camps.


Jeff saw tremendous time savings in areas such as staff training and camper registrations. Camp Swamp has cut its registration times by 50- 75% by offering its campers an online process that is so easy for them to use that very few ask for help. Because campers are in control of the online process, they have great confidence in scheduling what they want. Online registration has freed Jeff’s staff up to pay attention to the human details that make a difference in each camper’s experience.

Mass email has helped Camp Swamp save time by making communications personal, yet streamlined and automated – unlike many other email distribution options.

Jackrabbit has given staff the ability to easily find information in just a couple of clicks that previously forced them to ask for Jeff’s assistance. The portal, a customer favorite, has turned control of information over to the campers, and freed staff from inputting and maintaining current family data.


Jackrabbit has given Jeff a robust system that provides everything he needs yet is easy to operate, manage and train staff on because it is designed around the user.

“Jackrabbit is easy on the eyes, easy to navigate from any page and its dashboard brings important information to the surface for directors.” — Jeff Rorabaugh, Camp Swamp

See what Jeff has to say about Jackrabbit on YouTube.

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