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Making Waves Swim School
3 locations
5000 swimmers, 180 instructors
Owner, Tiernan Murphy


Making Waves Swim School needed more than Excel to manage its growing swim schools. The spreadsheets that contained all critical business information could be stolen or compromised by anyone who had access to them. Spreadsheets offered the staff no integration, no continuity and no easy way to understand all of the information that they contained. And the schools were only going to be able to grow if the staff got more controls over how the staff gathers and handles data.


With Jackrabbit in place, Tiernan finally felt Making Waves’ was getting organized. With a centralized database and amazing reporting tools at their fingertips, Making Waves knows student, family and class details as well as everything that is going on at each of their facilities.

Jackrabbit put structure and standardization into Making Waves’ operational processes that has resulted in many benefits – like time-savings. Just in the payroll process, office manager Carrie Mendlow can track a 2-5 hour time-saving per week. And the previously time-consuming search process of providing tax receipt to parents has been replaced with a simple click in Jackrabbit. The software has defined processes for doing business-critical tasks and this has given Tiernan and Carrie a clear and concise way to train staff.

Making Waves appreciates the straightforward answers that the support team provides when questions and inquiries are made and sees this approach as the best way to set and surpass customers’


Jackrabbit has given Making Waves Swim School a way to define their operational processes, improve the way they do business and establish a platform that supports future growth.  Automation and streamlining tasks make operations seamless and scaling for growth a far less painful endeavor.

“A good example of Jackrabbit’s to our operations is what happens today with the previously dreaded task of providing parents with tax receipts. With Jackrabbit it is a simple one-click service. Parents and staff are far less stressed when the moment comes for providing this key document. It’s fantastic.”  – Tiernan Murphy | Making Waves Swim School

“Although we’re not new users, we still have our ‘A Ha’ moments with the software – just because of the nature of the system. It has helped us to systemize and standardize things as we’re planning to add more locations. We believe Jackrabbit will make this much easier.” — Carrie Mendlow | Making Waves Swim School

Photo Credit: Making Waves Swim School


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