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Jackrabbit Makes Operating Multiple Locations Easy and Affordable

The Swim School and The Swim School of Bossier

2 locations, Estimating more than 1000 with new second location/25instructors

Catherine Oberle, Owner


The Swim School had been through a few other types class management software when they decided that they should put an online system in place. A PC-based system would not work for them and the fact that they had 2 locations now was going to increase their costs significantly with some of the alternatives out there. They chose Jackrabbit because they could have the advantages of an online system and enjoy a pricing model that doesn’t penalize them for having multiple locations.


When The Swim School implemented Jackrabbit, one of the first differences they noticed was its easy navigation. It was a great improvement over the previous systems they had experienced. They also could now get to the information they need with just a click or two. Jackrabbit has made an amazing difference for parents because the portal gives them absolute control over entering and managing their account data. This is a great bonus for Swim School staff and a boost to the overall accuracy of their data.

With Jackrabbit, staff at The Swim School can quickly and easily give parents all of their child’s class options – even down to details about withdrawals. They have a greater understanding of everything in the business – and that amplifies the school’s professionalism and makes doing business with them a better experience.


Jackrabbit gives Catherine and her staff the tools they need to streamline the way they operate their two swim school locations. The system’s online platform enables mobility and flexibility and its pricing model helps keep budgets under control.

“Jackrabbit gives us options that our previous system didn’t offer. Our second location didn’t automatically double our cost because Jackrabbit’s pricing model simply looks at our number of students. And they even offer price breaks at certain levels so that we can grow incrementally with less budgetary impact. This shows that they understand how our business works.” – Catherine Oberle | Owner, The Swim School and The Swim School of Bossier

“Jackrabbit helps us keep up with so many things. The enrollment reports give us details about which classes we need to fill and revenue charts help us understand exactly where we’re making money.” — Catherine Oberle | Owner, The Swim School and The Swim School of Bossier

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