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Jackrabbit Helps Owner Modernize and Streamline Processes for Staff and Parents

Purple Nest

4 in-church studios, w schools, in-home lessons, 927 students, 16 instructors, 2 administrators

Owners, Molly Pieroni & Lisa Muratore


Molly and Lisa felt they were missing out on automated capabilities that other programs offered because they were using a privately developed system in operating their businesses. Although they were concerned with the impact a system switch could have on employees and families, Molly and Lisa knew that automating their monthly financial processes would greatly improve operational efficiency.


Molly and Lisa have seen efficienciesy, employee productivity and customer satisfaction increase. And Jackrabbit’s relationship with Kindermusik has provided added confidence in the fit the system has to their organizational needs. Initial concerns about parental frustrations with auto-billing disappeared when Lisa and Molly heard their elation with the new options. Parents also appreciate the speed of finding information at their own convenience using the parental portal.

Molly and Lisa have had more time to focus on curriculum, families and business growth because the system enables the teachers to manage their own classes. Jackrabbit has provided straight-forward, powerful reporting with a view into how the businesses are performing.

The Jackrabbit system doesn’t require that Molly and Lisa be technology experts to benefit from its power. Molly and Lisa’s administrators have been released from mundane processes and given more time to spend building relationships with families through automation of processes such as mass email, payment, billing and reporting and providing self-serve platforms like the parental portal.


Jackrabbit has enabled Molly and Lisa to make their organizations easier to do business with by modernizing and streamlining their key business processes and offering these processes to parents.

“We love Jackrabbit for automating our payment processing! We expected this to be popular with administrators, but the surprise came in how pleased our parents were with the new option.”  – Molly Pieroni and Lisa Muratore, Purple Nest

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