Jackrabbit Helps Owner Make Transforming Changes to his Cheer Gym Operations

East Coast (Cheerleading Academy) Nitros
1 location, 400 students, 16 instructors

Owner, Glenn Sutch


Glenn was searching for a class-based management system that provided robust receivables and payables features. Cheer gyms have unique needs that no software available in the marketplace is customized to provide. Glenn’s worries were around the magnitude of what he thought was coming in making a system change that had the potential for putting all his business data at risk.


Jackrabbit proved to be an easy transition for East Coast Nitros – including tweaks that were needed to fit his cheer gym’s processes.

The mass payment and communications features were important factors in Glenn’s choice of Jackrabbit. The system’s automation became a catalyst for transformation in East Coast Nitros’ operations. In fact, the automation and data management have saved the time of at least one additional employee. And for parents, online registration and the portal provide the accessibility and the tools that allow them to manage their accounts in the same way they manage most of the other things in their lives. They appreciate the control and security the online environment gives them.

Automation and new-found efficiency has made the East Coast Nitros’ facility a more professional environment and provided families with a better customer experience. Glenn also now has the data points that he needs to make better decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.


Jackrabbit has transformed East Coast Nitros’ business with automation and operational efficiencies and enabled its owner to make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

“I needed something to allow me to manage many elements and lots of data. Jackrabbit has great intuitiveness for what I need to understand about my business and to base my decisions on.” — Glenn Sutch, East Coast Nitros

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