Jackrabbit Tips & Tricks

Jackrabbit Help! Type it and you have it.

Just typing JackrabbitHelp (actually JackrabbitHelp.com) in your browser will take you directly to the Jackrabbit Help Center.

Jackrabbit’s Online Help Center is an awesome tool for finding out more about your software’s features and functionality.

Whether you’re a “new” or “mature” user, the Online Help Center has information that you will find valuable.

Here are a few things you may not know:

  • You access the Online Help Center by clicking the Help button in your database.
  • You can also bookmark the URL and open it when you’re not logged into your database.
  • We made the Online Help Center URL easier to remember! Now it is simply www.JackrabbitHelp.com. (Update your bookmark if you already have one on your desktop or browser.)
  • There is a Best Practices & Procedures section of the Online Help Center that is growing week by week! From Keyboard Shortcuts to Online Registration and Billing Recommended Procedures, these concise items – provided by our amazing Support Team – will give you new insights into your software each time you visit the Center!

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