Finding freedom to seek entrepreneurial goals

Jackrabbit Gives Studio Owner Freedom to Seek Her Entrepreneurial Goals

Stacy Tuschl, Owner:
The Academy of Performing Arts
Stacy Tuschl Consulting

It takes a special person to operate and grow two companies. And according to Stacy, it takes special software too. She leverages technology in every way possible so that – in addition to being a studio owner – Stacy can be an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and business coach.

“I couldn’t operate the studio – much less launch another company – without Jackrabbit. It is a huge part of the business.”







Stacy and her staff really leverage their software investment. Stacy doesn’t like using different software programs and likes Jackrabbit because it provides so much in one. Jackrabbit also has tools that everyone in her studio can use: managers, instructors, parents and students.

Auto-Pilot the Processes

“We can take advantage of so many efficiencies and automated processes in Jackrabbit. It allows us to put some of our processes on auto-pilot. And that allows me to go off and do other things that I am passionate about.”

Stacy places great importance on Jackrabbit’s :

  • Communication between locations (Enables Stacy to run multiple locations as if they were one.)
  • Task assignment features (Allow Stacy to monitor the tasks that her office manager assigns to staff members.)
  • Data-rich dashboard (Provides Stacy with performance indicators for every critical area of her business.)
  • Web-based log-in (Enables Stacy to do everything from home or from wherever she’s traveled to meet clients.)
  • Multiple in-software and in-person training options (Eliminate Stacy’s worries that her staff can get and stay up to speed with the software.)

Sharpen Her Focus

Stacy’s studio activities are focused on marketing and business development.

She has a leadership team that handles the day-to-day details. They run reports and then provide her with critical details of all operational areas.

By delving into these reports, Stacy can stay on top of marketing and business development for the studio:

  • Source Report (marketing)
  • Enrollment Report
  • Year-to-Year Comparisons

“It’s all about the reporting. Having access to them gives me confidence in the way the studio runs. When I have that level of confidence, I can use more quality time on developing content for the master classes I offer as a consultant.”

Stacy has an entrepreneurial fire for using what she’s learned in her studio experience to help other studio owners. She’s been able to put lots of quality time into her content because her studio runs so flawlessly in the hands of her leadership team and because she has so much access, control and efficiency managing her studio – regardless of where she is – with Jackrabbit.

If you’re interested in more, check out Stacy’s two businesses, The Academy of Performing Arts & Stacy Tuschl Consulting, and take a look at her content offer in her upcoming free live master class.

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