Customer Successes

Jackrabbit Allows Owner to Grow without Significantly Increasing Staff

Knox Music Studios

2 locations, 147 students, 4 teachers

Owner, Matt Coker


Security and reliability had become a priority for Matt since he had experienced a hard drive crash. He also wanted to find a solution that would allow him to leverage processes and automation to help him organize and grow his business in ways that his paper and spreadsheet based systems would never support.


Matt’s Jackrabbit system gives him a new level of comfort in operating his business. The web-based aspect of Jackrabbit appealed to him since it would eliminate any worries he had about his data’s safety. The QuickBooks integration is easy and straightforward, giving him confidence in the accuracy of his accounting tasks.

When he began his business, Matt managed 40 students using paper systems. He hand-processed checks, used index cards for enrollment and kept schedules on hand-written calendars. Today, he manages his 147-student business in less time than it took to manage the original 40 with his previous traditional tools.

Because of Jackrabbit’s web-based format, Matt can check up on all the details of his business from home and therefore, he can maximize his time in the studio for more important, student-focused activities.

Jackrabbit enables Matt to review information and monitor student progress so he is knowledgeable about every detail – giving a tremendous boost to his thoroughness and professionalism.


Jackrabbit allows Matt to use technology to increase productivity, thoroughness and professionalism and attain growth without significant increase in staff requirements.

“We could have never handled our present student list with our previous traditional tools. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to implement Jackrabbit. The system gives me the knowledge that I need to run my operations more efficiently, to be more attentive to my customers and to grow. We could never have handled our present student list with our previous traditional tools. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to purchase Jackrabbit.”  — Matt Coker, Knox Music Studios

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