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from Mark Mahoney

We asked Mark Mahoney (President and Cofounder of Jackrabbit Technologies) what his thoughts are on this notable quote:

‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’  — Walt Disney

Mark’s response:

“In 2003 I had the idea to build a web-based class management & billing system and it seemed to me like a very good idea. Then the “little gremlins” inside my head starting saying “if it is such a good idea, why hasn’t someone else already done it?” – this self-doubting lasted six months. Having recently been to Disney World (which is the result of one person’s dream) – it is hard to imagine no one believed in this tremendously successful idea. Walt, being the only person to believe in this vision, had to take a loan out on his own life insurance policy to finance Disney Land.

After my self-doubting voices were quieted, my partner, Mike, and I pitched this software idea it to a local gym, we got shot down with this response: “I will never put my database out on the Internet and especially allow parents to register their kids in my classes”. We still believed it was a good idea and decided to build it.

This experience taught me to have the confidence to believe in yourself and if you can dream it and you believe it, you can do it.”

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