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Fixed Fee Messaging for Enrollments via the Parent Portal

If you are now automatically posting fees when a parent enrolls students into new classes via the Parent Portal, we have added some new messaging for families who may have Fixed Fees in place.

There are two parts to this enhancement. Part One of this refinement sends a notification email to the organization letting you know that a family/student with an active fixed fee in place as enrolled into classes via the Portal. The text in this notification email suggests you may want to review the fixed fee and post any additional fee if needed.

Part Two provides in-Portal messaging to the family to let them know they they have a fixed fee in place and that no fees will be posted at the time of enrollment.

In this case, Jackrabbit does two things:

  • Displays the full tuition fee of the class in the cart.
  • Does not actually post the class fee or the fixed fee to the family’s account.

To get a better idea of what your Parents will see, please refer to the following screenshots:

When the Parent clicks “Checkout” they will see the following notice:

This shows them their current fixed fee amount, and the expiry date.

Once they click the OK button, the shopping cart will display the class details they are enrolling in, including the full class tuition fee. There is a heading titled “Items typically covered in your Fixed Fee” and a foot note reminding the parent that fees will not be posted, but their fixed fee is subject to change once you’ve had a chance to review the new enrollments.

If, during the same session, the parent added students to a wait list, or enrolled them into an Event, these would be separated out. Fees for the Event would be posted as they are not typically included in a Fixed Fee.

We believe this will reduce confusion and potential lost revenue by both notifying the Parent of their fixed fee details and sending an alert email to the email address(es) listed in the “Send Alerts” field of the Parent Portal settings page. (Tools > Parent Portal > Settings.)

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