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Moving Beyond Tuition for Revenue

Are you surviving on revenue from tuition only and wondering how you’re ever going to break the cycle to reach a different revenue plateau?

What about instituting a dress code?

And not just any dress code, but one that is supplied by the fun, branded items in your studio store! After all, if they are going to buy clothes for class – why shouldn’t they buy them from you?

It simplifies a lot for parents and students by providing an easy answer to the what to wear to class question.  And it puts your studio branding on what your students are wearing – and plenty of people will see that when they travel to and from classes.

But it also does something else very powerful for you as an owner: It gives you a new revenue stream.

This is very important to growth. It gives you the funds that you need to invest in your business: the marketing, additional staff – perhaps even additional space – that you will need to teach more students.

When you do this, make sure you can manage it. You want to be sure you have a way to track your inventory and easily take and process payments for your store items. There are independent softwares that do storefront activities like this that you can purchase and install separately from your management software but why do that? Jackrabbit has a built-in Store that is versatile and easy to use. It is integrated with the system so you can tie it to family accounts if you want to – or you can take payments from anyone in your store without tying transactions to accounts. You’re tracking your revenue and your inventory regardless! You can also use credit cards that are on file – or just use the card that your customer presents when they purchase.

Choice and simplicity in a powerful mini-cash register – built into your class management system. Oh – and did we mention that you aren’t tied to one computer with this store software? Since Jackrabbit is online, you can use it on any computer where you use Jackrabbit.

The final point that you need to know is that this built-in store is a free feature for Jackrabbit users. No additional fees – just powerful additional capabilities!

So incorporating a new line of business for yourself isn’t so difficult after all. Now all you need to do is go shopping for your studio clothing line!

What do users think of Jackrabbit’s Store feature? Read more about how it works.

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