You Don’t Need to Assign a Category 1 to Classify Your Skills/Levels Anymore!

We are making things more clear for you and have added a Skills/Level Category when you add a new skill/level. With this enhancement, you will no longer have to use your Category 1s for classifying skills. You have so many Category 1s that don’t relate to skills/levels: registration fee, merchandise, costumes, just to name a few examples. And we wanted to make things easier for you.

Skill/Level Category has been added to Edit Drop-Down Lists as a new option under the Student Drop-Down List menu. The Skill/Level Category is now assigned when adding a new skill/level in the same way as you did with your Category1s.

Our developers looked at each client’s skills/levels to see what Category 1s were assigned and then created a matching Skill/Level Category.  The new Skills/Level Category will now reference that value.

Category1 in the Skills/Levels pages now displays the word Category.



If you’re curious to learn more, you can see info about Skills/Levels in the Jackrabbit Help Center.

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