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Do You Know How to Transition from One Session to the Next in Jackrabbit?

“My summer session is over and I am starting my Fall session do I have to sift through BOTH sessions of classes?”  OR   “I am preparing for my Fall Session is there an easy way to copy my classes?” OR “how can I compare this summer to last summer’s enrollment numbers and revenue?”


Many facilities operate on sessions – transitioning enrollment and billing from one session to another.  Even if you do not offer sessions at your facility (run for a full year) it is a good practice to assign sessions to your classes and transition from one session to another so that you have comparative data.

Here is the Standard Operating Procedure for transitioning of Sessions:


Create a NEW Class Session value:



Copy Classes from your OLD Session to your NEW Session:

  • Use CLASSES=> COPY CLASSES.  Enter in the old value as the COPY FROM and the new Session as the COPY TOO.  Enter in a new start date for your classes and select whether you want to copy enrollment or not.  Keep it this simple!

Edit your NEW Session of Classes:

  • Use CLASSES => EDIT ALL CLASSES to “tweak” your new Session information.  You can search on just the new Session of Classes and use the one page edit Classes screen to modify each value.

Once your OLD Session is complete and you no longer wish to have those classes as ACTIVE, Archive them:

  • Use the CLASSES =>ARCHIVE CLASSES function to put the old Session “to sleep” or into your list of ARCHIVED CLASSES.  This procedure preserves the enrollment history of this Session and allows you to later report on that Session’s enrollment.


Session/Class Transitioning Road Map


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