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Create Amazing Emails with Jackrabbit’s New Email Templates

If you’re diving into the new email templates, we have a few tips for you that will help you to take advantage of the new designs to get the best possible results from your

Click on and read the first link that says “Click Here for Template Instructions”

At this link you can:

  • Make several template designs your own by inserting the details of your organization into the templates and saving them
  • Learn the proper way to add your portal link and logo to the templates.
  • Review all the new templates. You can delete any that you know you will not use.
  • Get contact info for SteelTeal if you want to customize any templates.

Jackrabbit’s new email templates give you the tools you need to quickly contact your families in very professional and attention grabbing ways. We give you lots of choices, so don’t be overwhelmed. Just peruse them and use the ones that fit your communication needs!

So don’t sell yourself short by skipping over the information at the “Click Here for Template Instructions” link. A few minutes spent with our information will ensure that your email creation process using our new templates is as amazing as the new designs look!

Listen to those who are already enjoying them and sharing their pleasure with others in the Jackrabbit Software User Group on Facebook:

LOVE, love, love the new templates! Thank you for your continued improvements. – Kathy McCormick

Seeing some great email templates today. – Mary Myers

LOVE THE TEMPLATES!!!!!!! Thank you. It inspired me to make more!!! love this! – Wendi Bergstrom

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Learn more about joining the Jackrabbit Software User Group.

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