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Consistency Is The Key

In the workplace, it’s all about consistency.  If you’re not consistent in your practices, employees won’t trust you or each other. Consistency helps employees feel secure about their work responsibilities and workplace demands.

Let’s start with being consistent in your communications.  Giving employees the facts honestly and listening sincerely are the main requirements.  Don’t tell employees only what they have to know or what management thinks they should know; let them in on everything that you can. On the other side of the communication partnership, you have to listen with true sincerity and interest on what your employees have to say. It builds trust and you may learn something.

Consistent policies provide guidance for fair and consistent treatment of your employees. They should be written and available so that all employees and managers know what is expected, how to react in certain situations and what the rules are. Policies may-no, will change overtime. As circumstances change, as the company grows or changes, as the mission changes, or as products evolve, company policies have to change, too.

Treat your people fairly, with respect, and treat them equitably. At the same time, treat them as individuals, which means possibly using different motivations or motivational techniques, setting different individual goals, and communicating with each in a way that works best. These are not inconsistent or contradictory guidelines. As long as you treat everyone fairly, showing no favoritism, you are doing the right thing.

Consistency is crucial not only because it establishes standardized procedures but because it also affirms fairness. Even if employees (or managers) disagree with human resources policies or department procedures, they will accept them when they know everyone else must, too.

In the end, consistency scores big points with employees because it shapes as well as supports their expectations.

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