Mark Your Favorite Reports

So, it’s that time of the month – reports. You know you must run the same reports each month, but with so many reports in Jackrabbit, it’s easy to forget which ones are your favorites. If you’re like me, you might spend a few agonizing minutes looking through ALL reports to find the few that […]

Add Pay Rate Modal Window Improved

We’ve made a few updates to the modal window that appears for you to create an additional pay rate. Besides having a neater, more standardized appearance, the window also makes some of the fields required fields so that necessary information is never overlooked when creating the additional pay rate. These improvements will help to keep […]

Tweaks Made to Absences-Makeup Report

Just last week, we were speaking of Absences… Now we’ve tweaked the Absences-Makeup Report with these changes: Category1 made to be multi-select in the search criteria (adds searching power) Drop Date added to the output (helps you make decisions about contacting the family) Makeup Room added to the output (helps your front desk person on […]

Enter Absences Feature is Smarter!

To help you when you’re entering absences in your Jackrabbit database (not the Staff Portal), we moved the Absence Date out of each row in the student grid and placed it above the grid. We also made the system smarter to provide warnings when an absence date may be wrong. For example, a warning is […]

Staff Portal Settings Auto-Marks Skills

This is very exciting! The Staff Portal now automatically marks skills as attained when all subskills are attained. The only thing you need to do to take advantage of this is to make sure your new setting (Update Skill/Level date attained when all Subskills are attained) is set to “yes.” The default for this setting […]

Text Formatting Added to Statements

Statement headers and footers have had text formatting options added to them in Edit Settings>Statements, Statements Email, and Statements Print. This text formatter option works differently than the same option in Email Families because you cannot just type in the text boxes. Instead, the text formatting in Statement headers and footers requires that you click […]