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Jackrabbit’s Discounting & Prorating Makes a Visible Difference for Youth Activity Centers

What is Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit? Discounting and Prorating in Jackrabbit is a structure that enables discounts and prorating to be automatically applied where it’s appropriate. Discounting and Prorating is crucial to busy managers and administrators in maximizing their workday because of the time it saves them by accurately doing one of the most important processes in your organization - collecting tuition. Discounting and Prorating is also flexible enough to give managers and administrators [...]

August 19th, 2020|

Jackrabbit’s Staff Portal is a Powerful Asset for Employees of Youth Activity Centers

July 3rd, 2020|

Managing your classes and running the front desk of your school, studio or gym can turn into quite the time-consuming tasks. Making these manageable tasks would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Jackrabbit provides a way for you and your staff to be equipped with all the tools needed to manage classes: [...]

Scheduling Absences and Makeups in the Parent Portal is a Game Changer for Studio Management

May 27th, 2020|

Every year, the team at Jackrabbit Class sets out to make some incredible product enhancements. This year’s enhancement lineup includes releasing a feature that allows parents to schedule absences and makeups for their kids directly from the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. News flash: that enhancement is done! To accomplish any significant [...]

Jackrabbit Class is Stabilizing Factor During Changes at Energy Gymnastics

November 15th, 2019|

Kim Shoemaker is Energy Gymnastics’ office manager. She has learned to roll with the changes in ownership that have taken place at Energy Gymnastics. Kim ‘met’ Energy through piano lessons for her daughter, Presley, when the gym also offered music classes. Presley is still involved with classes at Energy – [...]

Online Registration Saves Time for Everyone in the Dance Studio

June 5th, 2019|

Turning Pointe Academy of Dance Has the Stats to Prove Their Time-Savings One of the main reasons for automating anything is time-savings. Whether it’s through software, machinery, or appliances, we love putting automation in place to give us time back for things we love to do or need to do. [...]

Top 4 Features of the Best Kids’ Swim Schools

April 22nd, 2019|

Today’s parents search online for the “best” of everything for their kids. Gone are the days when whatever facility is closest is the one they choose. To attract an optimal number of children and families to your swim school, you need to prove your mettle by outshining your competitors. [...]

A Swimmer’s Guide to Preventing and Curing the Most Common Complaints

April 1st, 2019|

The health benefits of swimming are indisputable. Even better, swimming is accessible to everyone, regardless of their state of physical or mental development. Like any physical activity, swimming comes with its own collection of common injuries and ailments. While some injuries are more likely to occur with competitive swimmers, even [...]

What are the Best Workouts for Curing Swimmer’s Shoulder?

March 25th, 2019|

The shoulder is so mobile because it's efficient, smooth-working mechanism of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone, and cartilage. On the flip side, that's a lot of moving parts to injure while swimming competitively. How your swimmers train, both in the pool and on dry land, will go a long way to [...]

Jackrabbit Makes Operating Multiple Locations Easy and Affordable

March 24th, 2019|

The Swim School and The Swim School of Bossier 2 locations, Estimating more than 1000 with new second location/25instructors Catherine Oberle, Owner THE CHALLENGE The Swim School had been through a few other types class management software when they decided that they should put an online system in place. [...]

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