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Blogging to Build Business: Get It Right and It Works

If you are hesitant already and are thinking that no one reads blogs, think again. You are reading one right now. This article is actually a blog post on Jackrabbit’s blog.

How does blogging helping you increase revenue?

A good blog does three things:

  1. It brings new people (potential customers) to your website.
  2. It keeps customers and potential customers engaged.
  3. It builds credibility for you and/or your team.

Don’t call your blog a blog

Have you ever been a website and clicked on a link that said “blog”?  Exactly, few people do. It’s not the most exciting title and it means very little to people outside of ramblings and/or company promotion.  Not to mention, the word ‘blog’ is kind of ugly and very close to the word, ‘blob’. I recommend naming your blog something relevant to your business such as “Tips for Teenage Health”, “Dancing for Life” or “Gymnastics Insights”. Topics like these are interesting to a specific audience and tell your website visitors what your blog is about.

Don’t Use Your Blog as an Advertising Tool

So often, I see blogs that are just a list of promotions. Would you read a book or magazine that was made up of only advertising? Of course you wouldn’t. Obviously, the goal is to promote your business but, if you use your blog to push out advertising and promotions, you are missing the point. The goal is to build an audience by providing valuable information and connecting with your potential customers. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

Be Interesting

The key is delivering information that your audience will find valuable. Start by defining your target audience. If your target audience is made up of mothers with kids between the ages of 3 and 13, then provide information that these moms will find interesting and valuable. For example, “Healthy eating for growing teens”, “Tips to help you motive your kids” or “Helping Pre-teens manage their time”, etc. The key is keeping your target audience in mind.

Leverage Current News and Events

An easy way to come up with blog post ideas is to read the news. There are thousands of new stories and some of them can relate to your business and your customers. Leverage these news stories by sharing them and providing comments or recommendations. For example, you can take a story about someone succeeding against all odds and use it to help remind your audience that a positive attitude can make a big difference. It doesn’t have to be ground breaking but, it does have to interesting.

I hope you found this blog post interesting and valuable.

Photo Credit:  Some rights reserved by Thomas Hawk

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