Jackrabbit Friday Five. The next generation user experience

Jackrabbit’s Friday Five: The Best of the Next Generation Experience

TGIF! We are back for another edition of Jackrabbit’s Friday Five.

If you have been following along with Jackrabbit’s 2020 Vision (the plan of enhancements for this year), you’ve likely heard about the Next Generation Experience, also known as Jackrabbit 2.0. With this exciting initiative comes a lot of powerful features that allow you to do more from one place in fewer steps.

I know what you are thinking. Why the change? The Next Generation Experience at Jackrabbit is just the tip of the iceberg for even bigger, more automated features to come. And the more I think about it, the more hype I get!

How to learn more about the Next Generation Experience

Before I get ahead of myself, I want to take the opportunity to point out resources you have readily available when learning this better version of Jackrabbit.

Lunchtime Lemonade with Marie: the 3-part webinar mini-series

Marie, our resident training expert, put together a short, easy-to-digest webinar series on using the elements of Jackrabbit’s Next Generation Experience, and wow! Her demo, tips, and use case scenarios were eye-opening even for me.

Like no other webinar before at Jackrabbit, she kept viewers engaged and incorporated some fun contests – all while taking a break from the day to learn and enjoy a cold glass of lemonade.

The last part of the series airs today but if you didn’t catch any of it live, it’s here for you on-demand!

Next Gen Experience Resource Center: the latest addition to the Help Center

We have two fabulous behind-the-scenes bunnies, Sandi and Carol, that work solely to make the help center filled with easy-to-follow instructions for any and every feature of Jackrabbit. I honestly don’t know when these ladies sleep but I know I would feel lost without them!

To make it super easy for all of you to find information that relates to this new experience, they created a resource center with the need-to-know details that relate to using and navigating through our newest features and pages. As the Next Generation Experience evolves, so will this resource center. Bookmark it, use it, share it!

Head over to the new resource center

Help videos: the Next Generation Experience watch list

Better known as the video queen, Talina, has created quick videos that focus on various pieces of the Next Generation Experience. These videos are sprinkled throughout the help center, Facebook users group, and the Jackrabbit application, itself. And for visual people like myself, there can never be too many of these!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great help videos. In the meantime, consider this your exclusive Next Generation Experience watch list:

New enhancement releases featured on the Jackrabbit blog

My favorite part of my job here at Jackrabbit is telling you all about how our latest releases can be game-changing (and sometimes life-changing) for you and your staff. Knowing that we are releasing a highly requested feature that is going to bring positive change to your workday is a feeling I can’t quite put into words. And a major reason why I love what I do.

As new features are released and existing ones are made better, we add to our dedicated section on the blog for Enhancements. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s new and what’s coming!

What’s next in the Jackrabbit Next Generation Experience?

So where exactly is this Next Generation Experience taking us? We’ve already seen the Smart Grids, All Families, and All Students. In a few weeks, we will see All Classes and a simpler main menu.

  • All Classes will work similarly to All Families and All Students – just dealing with class information instead. Once you become a pro with one, you can master them all!
  • A simpler main menu will be available for you to give it a try and give feedback directly to our product team. Our goal is to simplify your workflows and processes by better organizing the menu.

Look out for more information on both features to come as we get closer to the release date!

Exciting stuff, right? Through client feedback and beta testing, our talented product and engineering teams made this dream become a reality. And I’m not sure that there’s a team out there that could have done it better!

Have some great ideas for next year’s releases? We would love to hear how we can make your youth activity center’s processes easier and faster with Jackrabbit.

Share your ideas with us!

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