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Articulating Purpose was Key to Little Otter’s Mobile App Success

John Kirk of Little Otter Swim School describes his experience with Mobile Inventor.

From initial brainstorming to final sign-off, John found Mobile Inventor responsive to their ideas and knowledgeable about how to deliver what they wanted.

Purpose Drives Features

Articulating the purpose of their app was critical for Little Otter. Mobile Inventor helped them brainstorm and work through their thoughts on this. Mobile Inventor brought great understanding of how people find and use mobile apps. Why they download them and generally what they are looking for in them. Little Otter added to this their knowledge of what their customers need from them, and before long, the team had a powerful plan mocked up.

“Mobile Inventor helped us understand that it isn’t reasonable to believe that a new customer would search for our app, download and use it to interact with you. That helped us to focus on what our existing customers need.”

Little Otter’s app went through a couple of cycles before it was tweaked to perfection, but John saw the process as one that was very easy on them as clients. That’s important because developing an app can’t disrupt the day to day business of running a swim school – or in John’s case – two schools.

Ahead of the Curve

The mobile app, in Little Otter’s case, has produced more traffic coming to Little Otter’s website from mobile devices. This doesn’t directly tie growth to the mobile app but does give an indication that Little Otter has done something right in providing it to customers!

The mobile app gives Little Otter:

  • Differentiation from competition.
  • Another avenue for customers to interact with them.
  • A branded tool for doing business with them.

5-phone-stacked-Little-Otter (2)

“The more ways that we can give our parents to communicate with us, the happier they are going to be. We can communicate critical business news, like closures due to weather or special events or times that they need to be aware of. This is definitely a way that we can stay ahead of the curve.”

Inform and Help

In addition to communicating, Little Otter believes its mobile app gives them the opportunity to help customers do things in a better way – perhaps even help them solve problems. By including a form, Little Otter has given their families the ability to schedule make-up classes from the app – at the very moment that they know they need it. Because it works seamlessly with Jackrabbit, scheduled make-ups are updated in real time and show the accurate class availability in the software.

“We’re very pleased with our mobile app and the way that Mobile Inventor went about it. This is an important part of the set of tools that we use to communicate with our customers.”


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