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Appreciation and Honesty Helps You Keep Customers

Keeping customers is very important to every business. There are two very basic factors that can help you to “encourage” customers to stay with you: Appreciation and Honesty.

These can work together or separately to reach a goal that can solidify good customer relationship and to improve those that may be on shaky ground.


Of course showing appreciation should always be genuine and being honest about how happy you are that your customers choose you and stay with you is really a natural reaction. So don’t try to be so business-like that you lose this valuable connection. Read more about showing appreciation to your customers.

Your honesty in handling business and personal situations reveals your character and most people want to associate with those whose character they respect. Even when issues, mistakes or problems cause rough patches in relationships, remember that honesty is the best policy – always – because customer discovering that you’ve been dishonest – even if it’s just a little white lie – can destroy your integrity and any respect for you that your customers have developed in you. (Actually, this is the same with employees) Regardless of how difficult – the truth is always the best way to handle situations. Read more about being honest with your customers – even when there are problems.

Showing your appreciation of their patronage and exhibiting your integrity through honesty are two of the best ways to build loyalty in your customers and continuously prove to them that choosing your business was a good decision.

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