The 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We should probably simply call this the We Believe Guarantee.

This isn’t a guarantee we offer because we think our software is perfect. There isn’t a software package in the world that is perfect.

We offer it because we believe in our software.

We have the confidence that we (our onboarding, support, and development peeps) can help you through the set-up of our incredibly powerful, flexible and customizable software so that it works for your equally-as-incredibly unique business.

Our software is solid. Our “dev team” makes sure of this by using the latest and most reliable and prevalent platforms and protocols to ensure that our software works. (And as simple as that sounds, it’s not something every software provider can say.)

Our software is continuously improving. We are always updating and enhancing our software – to the tune of more than 100 enhancements per year – so that it meets the changing needs of your business and keeps you ahead of the pack.

Our software is dependable. We have the highest uptime of any class management software: 99.999% (By the way, a 100% uptime isn’t possible because of scheduled maintenance downtime!)

Our support is unmatched. Our team will bend over backward and twist into a pretzel to help you get in your comfort zone with Jackrabbit. We know our team is the best – not because we say so but because our customers say so.

The above statements are the basis for the confidence we have in our software and the service that we provide. They are the reason that we can offer a very honest and straightforward guarantee.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We understand that sometimes things just don’t work out. When that happens, we’re happy to honor our guarantee and refund your money. If you’ve worked with a Jumpstart Coach and – after 90 days – you aren’t satisfied with how Jackrabbit is working for you, we will refund you in full.



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