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2012 Resolutions to Consider

Many of most popular resolutions made around the world on New Year’s Eve may have been on your list this year.

Those resolutions are fine for most people, but as Jackrabbit users, you are special so we would like to suggest a few resolutions that pertain to Jackrabbit that you can add to to your own list from New Year’s Eve.

You may want to consider:

1. Moving inactives to the Unlimited Lead File

2. Trying out new features with Test Families or Test Students

3. Implementing or Enhancing Online Registration

4. Using Reports to Better Understand Enrollment and Attendance

5. Double-checking your User ID settings to ensure that sensitive data remains confidential

The World’s 10 Most Popular Resolutions for 2012 were:

1. Lose Weight

2. Spend more time with friends and family

3. Stop smoking

4. Quit drinking

5. Minimize stress

6. Save money

7. Get more sleep

8. Get involved  in community service work

9. Return to church

10. Travel the world

Jackrabbit’s support staff can help you with your Jackrabbit-related resolutions! If you do not understand how to go about using Jackrabbit to reach your 2012 business goals, please contact Jackrabbit.

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