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10 Things To Do For Your Customers the First Day of Classes

It is very important for families to have a great experience their first day of class, because it sets the tone for the rest of the year. Here are ten things that you can do to ensure your families get off on the right foot on their first day. 
  1. Have a friendly greeter at the door to ask if they need to fill out any paperwork, get apparel, or are they ready for class. Show them to the proper area to wait for their first class.
  2. Fill out as much of the membership form as much if they need to do that before their first class.
  3. Have required apparel pulled and waiting for them in their sizes.
  4. Smile and say, “You must be Mrs. Chandler. We’ve been expecting you and Lilly for the 4:00 class.
  5. Take them on a tour (if they haven’t been on one yet). Explain the programs available in addition to the one they are registered for, where the bathrooms are, coat room, lost and found, parent observation, T.V., and where the sibling toys are located.
  6. Introduce student to teacher
  7. You must develop a “relationship” with the new student or go broke, period! Mention their kids, their hair or clothes, anything to make a connection.
  8. Especially with new customers, always under-promise and over-deliver. If you said 6:1 ratio, don’t have seven kids there. It’s best to never quote ratios. Give them something the first day. We are giving them a free car decal.
  9. At the end of class, the teachers should come out and mention something positive about the child to the parents. The office person should ask the parents and kids how they liked the class on their way out. AND, thank them for coming.
  10. Remember the Rule of 3′s… they take 3 seconds to assess you, 30 seconds to trust you, 3 minutes to see if you meet their needs and wants. That means you need to greet them with eyebrows stuck to your forehead and a smile on your face. Be likable, friendly, create a common like or interest, and show a genuine effort to make them happy.

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