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Language School Administration Software

Jackrabbit Class software makes managing your language school easy so you can focus on what’s important: your students.

Language School Administration Software

Schools do not run themselves, but Jackrabbit helps automate a lot of the operational tasks. The software is very feature rich and can be customized to fit your schools needs. Class based schools all around the world trust Jackrabbit to help run and improve their business. Join our community of schools who have used software to save time for things they love. Here’s why.

Save money: Jackrabbit Class not only will you be saving the environment, you’ll save the cost of printing which can grow to be very expensive over time. Eliminating paper will help streamline your business operations and your staff will not have to re-enter any information into the system. Once it’s in, it’s saved!

Work anytime, anywhere: Jackrabbit is a cloud-based system meaning it can go anywhere with you. No more running back to the office to see if someone has paid – you can see that on your phone, tablet, or computer. Jackrabbit can be accessed at any time and anywhere with an internet connection.

Save time: Using class management software will streamline the way your school operates. Tasks that take hours manually will take seconds with Jackrabbit’s automated features. The reporting features will gather your data and export it into a file that’s easy to read and understand with the click of a button – not after calculations and spreadsheet sorting.

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Speedy and Reliable: streamline your business operations now

Putting your trust in class management software is a big deal. Jackrabbit Class for language schools prides itself on being a reliable platform for you to confidently run your operations. We also have a big focus on being speedy to help you to quickly get around the software or see reports on how your language educational business is doing. Jackrabbit is smart. It’s built with the user in mind, so you will see the screens being intuitive and easy to maneuver around.

How Jackrabbit Can Help You Improve Your Language School

Your passion for your language school shines through in myriad ways! You started your school for a distinct mission and focus in view, but as it’s grown, perhaps you’ve gotten a bit bogged down in the day-to-day administrative functions. You’d rather be interacting with students and staff, casting your vision, and extending your language school’s reach. That same angst is what propelled Jackrabbit’s co-founder Mark Mahoney to create excellent web-based class management tools. Your language school can benefit from these tools in four important ways: organization, communication, time management, and revenues — all while freeing you up to do more of what you love.


Whether your go-to has been handwritten schedules, attendance charts, and time cards or whether it has been spreadsheets, e-mails, and other generic (and possibly free) computer programs, you’ll be amazed at how well-designed class management software can streamline all your operations. Jackrabbit allows all your information to be accessible from anywhere you can get online. From registration information to schedules, time cards, and communication, all information will be updated in real time and accessible to whoever needs access to them — instructors, other staff members, and language school students. This simplified platform allows you to keep better track of all your language school’s information.


Through the parent portal and staff portal, Jackrabbit will help you improve communication with all members of your language school family. E-mail communications can easily achieve a more professional appearance, thanks to pre-made Jackrabbit templates. You can also send out messages to appropriate groups of people about the things that relate to them. Of course, instructors and students or parents can also communicate through Jackrabbit, and all communications will be easily tracked. Important notices can be sent out via text message as well at the click of a button.

Time Management

We’re guessing you can already see how the organization and communication tools will save you time. When you automate tasks like registration, time cards, payment processing, and more, you’ll free up your schedule to be able to do more personal tasks, maximizing your work hours as well as those of your valuable staff members. Language students will also appreciate your enhanced customer service, which is essentially available 24/7 through Jackrabbit’s up-to-date scheduling and payment processing.


Greater organization, communication, and time management can quickly translate into increased revenues for your language school. Not only will you require significantly fewer staff hours for tasks like registration, payment processing, and payroll processing, but you’ll also easily attract new students who appreciate the professionalism and convenience of online registration. You’ll also decrease the potential for costly payroll errors and missed payments, in addition to having more time available to give new marketing strategies a try.

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