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Horse Riding Lesson Software

Jackrabbit Class software makes managing your equine training program easier so you can focus on what’s important – your students.

Horse Riding Lesson Software

Never lose track of your horse riding lessons again. Jackrabbit’s horseback riding class management software is a robust solution for equine programs. Our software can help streamline your business and allow you to spend more time doing what you really love — teaching.

For more than 10 years, Jackrabbit has been in the class management software business and has 4,500 customers throughout the globe who trust us with their business. Our secure server is housed in the same data center as many of the world’s largest banks. Our customers’ security is high priority for us.

Jackrabbit’s software is affordable and easy to use. Take your equine business to the next level with online registration, a parent portal, billing and payment processing, QuickBooks interface and point-of-sale. No more wasted paper spent on bills and announcements.

Jackrabbit also give you the option to send notifications and messages to your horse riding lesson students and their parents via text message. Our mobile app lets them receive push notifications as well.

What are you waiting for? Try out Jackrabbit’s 30-day free trial—no strings attached or credit card required. Don’t worry, our Getting Started Guide will help you through our easy six step signup process.

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Our Horse Riding Class Management Software will make your life easier!

Mobile App
Bringing convenience to you and your parents. Learn more about the mobile app.

Mobile Attendance Module
Making it simple for instructors to take attendance. Learn more about the mobile attendance module.

Making communication with your parents easy. Learn more about text messaging features.

Skill Tracking
Staff can easily share skills with parents. Learn more about skill tracking.

How Jackrabbit Can Help You Improve Your Horse Riding Lesson Program

Your horse riding lessons are what you love. Managing the finances, schedules, and communications? Not so much. That’s why Jackrabbit is here to help. With state-of-the-art online class management tools, we can partner with you to help your program thrive! Helping you enhance your current communication, organization, and revenue, we can help your stable improve without costing you the time and energy you’d rather reserve for your students and trails.

Enhanced Communication

With a unique staff portal as well as a parent portal, your horse riding lesson program can experience more efficient communication with Jackrabbit tools. Not only will your communications become more professional, using several pre-made templates, but they’ll also be streamlined, allowing you to send out notices to various staff and student groupings. Since communications will also be tracked, you can look at any given staff or parent profile and instantly view previous communications. No more will you wonder if communications were sent out to everyone who needed them — or risk the redundancy of sending information to those who aren’t involved in a particular class or event.

Upgraded Organization

Communication isn’t the only area where Jackrabbit can help your stable. Your current organizational processes may have been fine in the beginning, before you started to grow; however, whether you’re used to using spreadsheets and e-mails or phone calls and handwritten time cards and attendance sheets, Jackrabbit offers centralized scheduling and communications platforms, allowing you and your staff to view information in real time, anywhere you’re online. Both simple and easily accessible, you’ll be poised for future growth!

Improved Time Management

When time-consuming tasks are automated — tasks like running reports, sending out reminders, tracking staff hours, printing mailing labels — you’ll save valuable time, freeing you and your staff up for other tasks, those more in line with your passion for your horses and your students. From horse show planning to payroll processing, you’ll be surprised at how many tasks can be streamlined through Jackrabbit! Even the tasks that require some interaction on your part will take less time since you no longer have to go to the office in order to do them; you can perform virtually any task from your computer or mobile device from any place where you have internet access.

Increased Profits

When administrative functions are automated, overhead costs are naturally reduced. In addition to fewer staff hours needed to allocate to tasks like registration and payment processing, Jackrabbit’s online interface will also help attract new families who will appreciate the convenience of online registration and payments. Management will also benefit by being freed up for more important things like in-person marketing strategies which you just couldn’t squeeze in before.

Whatever goals you have for your horse riding lesson program, call to talk with a Jackrabbit Coach about how our tools can help you meet them!

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