Time Clock

With Jackrabbit’s Time Clock, employees are able to quickly and accurately record their hours online. The Time Clock tracks employee hours by department and easily exports information for payroll processing. Add announcements and reminders on the login screen to share with the group. The Time Clock is included in your subscription at no extra charge.

Time Entry

Keep track of your staff hours in one place. Each staff member can enter his or her time so all you have to do is approve the time. There are three options in Jackrabbit for this.

Integrates With Express Payroll

Speed up the payroll process with Express Payroll. The hours in Jackrabbit’s Time Clock will export into Express Payroll seamlessly.

Security: Permissions

Set your permissions differently for each of your staff members to manage what they can and cannot see. This is great for business management and making sure everybody is on the same page.

Staff Schedules

Keep your staff on task and organized with the staff schedules. They can see the classes, times, dates, and any staff meetings they are required to attend.

Email Staff

Communicate with your staff quickly and conveniently through email to share news, announcements, or any other issue. Email all of your staff in one email to save time contacting them all individually.