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Clients love our software

Terilynne Knox and Catherine Hahne, Dance Davidson

“We definitely hesitated in switching to ePayments. It was a scary prospect trying something new. But I can’t imagine going back to checks and cash. I have other, more important things for my office manager to do than collect payments, run to the bank, and balance the checkbook.”

Suzanne Blake Gerety / Kathy Blake Dance Studios

“It’s like having another employee and a whole tech crew on your team that’s there to help you win.”

Christina Wiginton, CK Danceworks

“Parents can sign their kids up for dance at three o’clock in the morning …. Everything is at their fingertips.”

Olivia Allen, Gotta Dance

“Jackrabbit’s all-in-one system has everything I need. When I ask anything from Jackrabbit, it is easy and quick.”

Adam Barret, Temecula Dance

“Jackrabbit is easily grasped – even by the computer novice. My staff can master the functionality needed to do their tasks. I’m free to grow the business yet manage it from wherever I am.”

Customer Success Stories

Jenn Buckton, Turning Pointe Academy of Dance

“The time savings are tremendous on both ends – staff and parent. Before using Online Registration, it took my staff lots of backend time to sort through and double-check details. We had lots of angry parents in long lines with lots of questions. It took hours and hours to complete the process. Parents find our new, online methods super easy – and quick,”

Abbey Wagoner, Krupinski Academy of Dance

“Because of Jackrabbit, we know every detail about our customers which helps us to make them feel at home in our facility – just like family.”

Terilynne Knox, Dance Davidson

“Because I can get work done from home, I can be all about my students and their families in the studio. It has been a phenomenal transition – giving me time to be manager, owner and teacher.”

Brittany Zorn, Steps N Motion

“With Jackrabbit, I’m not longer up to my ears in paperwork! I just watch for online registration alerts in my Inbox and see the tuition fees come in. The automation that this system provides has transformed the way we operate.”

Keith Pinkston, New Orleans Dance Academy

“Jackrabbit saved us from an inefficient software system and has provided us with control over our processes and insight into our information. The value it delivers makes the cost of our previous software seem unjustified! I’m very impressed and pleased that Jackrabbit is willing to improve their products as I grow and improve my business.”

Amanda Carter, No Limits Dance Company

“People can work where they are instead of being tied to a desk. The technology comes to them. Things can be done during the flow of class without distracting instructors or requiring them to pass off paper lists to admin staff. The studio operates more smoothly with Jackrabbit.”

Jackrabbit Dance Benefits: Options Our Customers Love

As amazing as Jackrabbit Dance software is, there’s something perhaps even more valuable than the software itself: the customer service that comes with it. We want you to be able to receive the tools and training you need to unleash the powerful features we’ve already built into Jackrabbit Dance — as well as to remain updated on new additions as we create them. We realize that each member of your staff is an individual with a particular learning style and training preference, so we’ve developed multiple training platforms with that diversity in view.

Simple and Dependable

One customer says that what he appreciates about Jackrabbit is the fact that its intuitive design means that he rarely has occasion to contact customer service at all. But when he has needed assistance, he’s found the process “quick and easy.” He even goes as far as to say that “Jackrabbit has support down to a science!!” Another one of our satisfied customers appreciates the kind of confidence which Jackrabbit has helped instill in her studio’s customers. She explains that she no longer has to “worry about downtime or outages because they just don’t happen with Jackrabbit. We have support resources that we can depend on.”

YouTube Channel and Response Time

One dance studio manager applauds the Jackrabbit channel on YouTube. “I am fairly familiar with help desks, applications and module specialists,” which, she explains, makes her particularly qualified to speak to the level of customer service offered by Jackrabbit. The way she sees it, “the aftermarket customer service is outstanding with Jackrabbit.” The same customer highly recommends Jackrabbit Dance, whose team has responded to any questions she has had with “super quick resolutions.” Her advice to those considering the switch to Jackrabbit centers around the exceptional customer service she’s experienced: “If you’re looking for a software company for your business with dedicated after sales customer service, Jackrabbit is it!”

One more recent addition to the Jackrabbit help family is the inclusion of targeted screen-sharing videos. This kind of personalized assistance combined with multi-media resources has already been helpful to many customers.

Helpful Communication

If you’ve ever had poor communication with a help desk, you know how frustrating that can be. According to many veteran Jackrabbit customers, the kind of communication our team offers promotes understanding and resolution. As one customer put it, “Jackrabbit really listens. They care about my point of view and are very willing to explore what I see as a user instead of shutting me down until my problem is solved. That makes me want to provide input and help make a better product.”

One of many resources to help customers find answers to the questions they have is the Facebook user group, where customers help one another. Many long-time customers have helped one another learn how to utilize more Jackrabbit features than they formerly had. As one customer has reported being pleased with the potential of various Jackrabbit users helping one another. “We understand what each other is going through and share many of the same experiences.” He’s also quick to add the extra value provided by Jackrabbit employees: “The Jackrabbit staff members that monitor this group are beyond helpful.”

Jackrabbit Technologies surpasses 6,000 client milestone

We now have 6,000(+) clients, a major milestone that translates into more than 12,000 schools, in all 50 states and 28 countries.

Jackrabbit hits 6,000 Gymnastics, Dance, Swim, Music and Childcare Clients

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