Mobile Staff Portal

Jackrabbit’s Staff Portal is now live!

What was previously know as the Time Clock has been renamed the Staff Portal. Now, staff can login to the Staff Portal to view announcements, record their worked hours, and take attendance for the classes they teach. This is all done in one place. The Staff Portal is also mobile-friendly. Staff can use it on a tablet or phone.

“We have loved the staff portal!! It has made everything so much easier! The Portal is also very simple to use! Being able to take role on our phones and it go straight into our system has been wonderful!” -TexStar Cheer & Tumbling 

Things to know before getting started with Staff Portal:

  1. The Time Clock is now known as the Staff Portal
  2. You can mark students present or absent in the Staff Portal. Inside the app, you can only see absences or attendances as you’re used to seeing it
  3. The attendance pages in the Staff Portal have been made mobile-friendly
  4. Jackrabbit added new settings:
    1. Staff Portal/Time Clock Settings: Staff Session Time Out Limit, Ability to turn on/off Attendance and Time Clock features separately, Family/Student Display Options for specific information and Attendance Save Options
    2. Staff’s Staff Portal tab: All staff settings have been moved from Time Clock tab to the new Staff Portal tab. New settings include: Choose what type of classes each staff person can view in the Staff Portal and whether a staff person can enter attendance or not.

If you haven’t set up the Time Clock yet, click here.

For more instructions, please visit the Help Center.