The Weekly View – It’s Your BFF

Your Weekly View could be called your Jackrabbit BFF (yes, I mean Best Friend Forever) because through it, you can manage almost all areas of your classes – without going into any other menus. The Weekly View can be accessed three ways: Weekly View button on Dashboard (quickest) Classes > Search Classes > Weekly/Daily Schedule   […]

The 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We should probably simply call this the We Believe Guarantee. This isn’t a guarantee we offer because we think our software is perfect. There isn’t a software package in the world that is perfect. We offer it because we believe in our software. We have the confidence that we (our onboarding, support, and development peeps) […]

ePayment Shopping – Buyer Beware!

Are you being approached by outside merchant processing vendors claiming to offer unbeatable merchant processing rates? Whether you are currently processing ePayments through Jackrabbit or are preparing to, be wary of their claims. They often times will offer a lower percentage rate per transaction but may fail to mention other fees you will be charged. […]

How to Increase Enrollment for Your Swim School

Once upon a time, Buffy Folise used a paper process to enroll students at Chicago Swim School. Enrollment topped out at 400 so this was difficult. Actually it was complete chaos. Papers were flying everywhere and credit cards were being manually processed one after the other in a monotonous progression. Buffy’s partner Rob looked at […]