Content Tips for Your Facebook Business Page

Not sure what to publish on your Facebook business page? Here are three quick ways to connect with others: Publish a status update, photo or video. See these Page posting tips for ways you can share your story with others.Keep in mind that Facebook is increasingly favoring video content, especially Live videos! BeLive is a good tool to help you pre-schedule Live videos and interact with your audience with Q&As and interview sessions. Check it out at https://belive.tv. Update your profile picture and cover photo, and fill out the About section completely. Add a button so people can take an action, like Sign Up, directly from your Page. Create and boost Facebook posts Share stories about your business in the place […]

Our Mobile App is A Great Way for You to Leverage Jackrabbit Data

One of the most worthwhile things you can do with your mobile app is to make it easier for your families to use your Jackrabbit data. It can actually be a conduit between you and your families. When they start using your app, parents can reach into the parts of Jackrabbit that you want them to see and use. “We’re excited that the app we developed with Mobile Inventor is so closely integrated with Jackrabbit. It puts registration, class and payment capabilities in the pockets of our parents and opens up a pipeline for direct communication with them. It’s very powerful.”  J Orkowski of Gymfinity By simply pulling out their smartphones, your organization’s parents can open your app to see […]

Why is a Mobile App Worth the Investment in Time and Money?

Rising costs of operations, new customer acquisition and customer relationships management costs more and more every year. You constantly must make adjustments, cuts, and eliminations of budgetary line items just to keep your bottom line healthy. Why in the world, then, would you even consider creating a mobile app? Doesn’t that type of expenditure simply add to your one-time capital expenditures and increase your monthly operational costs? If that is how you think it works, you need to reconsider because you’re missing out on technology that could be a game-changer for your organization. No Spin, Just Fact There are 5 simple statements that aren’t simply marketing spin about our mobile app. They are proven benefits. Our customers have helped us […]

Why Jackrabbit is the #1 Software for You

Jackrabbit offers everything gyms and swim schools need to operate and grow. Here are just some of the reasons why more than 4500 customers love using the all-in-one, online software solution. We give you help when you need it. Your work hours aren’t 9 to 5, Monday through Friday so your need for help doesn’t always happen then either. We understand this, so we’re available to you when it fits your schedule. Whether you’re processing payments for the first time or setting your online registration up for the first time, your Jackrabbit support team is there for you with quick responses that will help you get your work done. One thing is for sure, we not only want you to […]

Sell Gift Cards This Holiday Season

What do people want for the holidays? Gift cards. 62% of consumers said they would like to receive a gift card from this National Retail Federation survey. Parents coming into your facility don’t know they can purchase gift cards unless you tell them about them. You could even offer existing customers a discount when they buy one for themselves or their child. Or even extended family who always gives kids gift cards can give them a gift card that really matters to them. They can get that cool jacket or t-shirt they saw in your store. Sell gift cards through Jackrabbit in the Store: Add to your Drop Down list:            Category 1 = Gift Certificate Sales            Transaction Type – […]

Join The Jackrabbit Facebook Users Group

We are big fans of Facebook at Jackrabbit. We love being able to connect with our customers through our Fan Page. In early 2015, we started a Facebook group for Jackrabbit users. The goal of this group was to create a place for our customers to talk with other users all around the world. To ask their questions and see how others are using the features. This has given us insight on what pieces of the software can use enhancements and given us ideas for how to build features to help you run your business and save even more time. All of our goals for starting this group have been met – and we are thrilled with the conversations going […]

16 Considerations When Setting Prices…Especially This Year

1. I always thought setting prices was easy. I used to just raise prices every fall a dollar or two. But this year, I will definitely raise prices significantly because of the Olympics. I will do it in July, because it’s when I have the least number of families I must tell prices are going up. I don’t want to get a large number of new students this fall with the parents thinking gymnastics is one price, they put that in their budget, and then in January we raise prices. 2. We know if we don’t raise prices at least the rate of inflation, we’re losing money. It only makes sense. In the last year inflation rose 1.4%. Over the […]

How Are People Finding Your Studio Website – Google Analytics

Now that you’re on the map and you’re tracking visitors to your site let’s take a look at how to see where people are coming to your site from. Social media, Google search, from another site? The goal in this is to give you a quick way to find the data you’re looking for. Google Analytics can be as simple or as complex and exhausting as you’d like. This series is met to simply all the things. Let’s dig in. Log in to Google Analytics. Here’s what you’ll see. Next step. Acquisition. In the sidebar where the arrow is pointing to click Acquisition and that will open up more options. The next step is Channels. This is where we’ll start […]

5 Ways to Use Facebook Live

If you’re wondering how you can use Facebook Live for your business, you’re not alone! A lot of businesses are just now trying it out – that’s part of the fun with social media. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do have to give it a shot! Here are five ideas of ways you can use Facebook Live for your business: 1. Give an inside look at your business Facebook Live is a great way to show a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Show them how you work, what the business looks like after-hours, and things they won’t see on a day-to-day basis. This will help not only your current customers but potential customers too! It’s always great […]

Retention is Important to Swim School Growth

Your ability to maintain and grow the number of swimmers in your program is essential to many things but especially to your planning for year to year operations, budgets and marketing. Your management meeting agendas are sure to always include discussion of the number of swimmers in your program and comparison of current numbers with those from previous terms, blocks or seasons. Figuring out how to generate more weekly lessons is usually the main focus but, actually, the easiest way to grow your swim school is to keep the customers you have. Business research shows that the average business loses 20% of its customers every year by failing to nurture relationships.  Did you know that customer retention starts with the […]