What is Project Declutter All About?

During the month of February, we are highlighting some items that exemplify customer love. From a feature and a project that illustrate our focus on customers’ needs and ideas to comments from customers and Jackrabbit staff who are passionate about our software, you’ll see things that enlighten you or confirm what you already know. Aligning our product development with your ideas and requests is pretty much our mantra. Our customers are indeed where the “heart” of our passion lies. So here is a big project that is all about you: Project Declutter. You may have noticed some enhancements published lately are noted to be part of Project Declutter. Here is how this project came about. You see our Send Idea button in […]

Download the 25 Top Enhancements eBook

We’ve chosen some of the top 25 enhancements of 2016 and put them into an eBook that you can download. We’ve looked back across the year to find enhancements that we think may have helped you get the business part of your facility out of the way quickly so you can do more of the things you love. You can download 25 of our top enhancements in an eBook – a bundle of software delights – by simply entering your email address after clicking the “Download our eBook” button.

Best Gift Ever: Upload Images & Attachments in Emails

If you’re thinking to yourself, “But sending images and attachments in Jackrabbit emails isn’t new,” you are correct. But what is new is the ability to do it without using your DropBox account. This makes many of you ecstatic! Ballet Etc Studio for the Arts’ Katelyn Secord sums it up on Jackrabbit’s Facebook page: “Honestly, it’s one of the best gifts!” We are thrilled that you find this exciting. It’s exciting for us too because the integration of cloud storage for email attachments is only the beginning of how we’re planning to leverage the cloud with Jackrabbit in the future. Keep your ears open for more. Here’s a little history: We first added the ability to use your own DropBox […]

Upload Images & Attachments in Emails

We have exciting news at Jackrabbit – you now have the ability to upload images and attach files to your emails! This has been a very popular request over the years from our customers. Last year, we added the Dropbox feature to make sharing files easier. This year, we went a step further and are giving our customers the ability to upload directly from your computer. If you want to attach a file, you’ll see the link added to the email message. If you want to insert an image, this will actually insert the image into the message. It won’t come through as an attachment. Does the Dropbox option go away? No – this will stay. Some of our customers […]

Drop-down list Hide option: Categories 1/2/3, Session, ePayment Schedule, Family Source

Jackrabbit has added the ability to make Private or Hide various values in more of your drop-down lists. Use Private to keep certain options from showing during online registration; use Hide to make specific options invisible to you and your staff when working inside your Jackrabbit database. For example, you have older sessions and you don’t want your families choosing those during online registration.  Nor, do you want you or your staff to accidentally choose an old session when setting up a class or enrolling a student.  You can mark archived sessions as Private and Hide. However, you may want to pull retention reports in the future.  When that time comes, simply uncheck the box by ‘Hide’, Save Changes.  Pull […]

Clock Offers Staff Here Now Report

Jackrabbit users didn’t have an easy way to see which staff are currently clocked in and it was a common request. We’ve added a new report under the Clock menu called Here Now Report. This displays all staff members who have a Time In but don’t have a Time Out. A new user permission was added for the Here Now report. This is defaulted ‘on’ for new users created because new users have all time clock permissions. For existing users, if they have the Approve/Unapprove Time permission, we set the permission to ‘on’ and everyone else is defaulted ‘off’.

Negative Tuition Fees Changes

  Do you ever see negative tuition fees while running your monthly billing, using Post Tuition Fees or Post Tuition Fees by Total Hours? Negative fees can occur if the discount exceeds the original amount of the fee. If any negative fees were generated you will see an alert at the top of the preview page and the negative fee will appear in red.  

Split Tax Tuition and Registration Fees

Your Tools>Edit Settings’ “Tax Tuition and Registration Fees” is now two separate settings called “Tax Tuition Fees” and “Tax Registration Fees.” These can now be set differently if your state requires one to be taxed but not the other. Web registration, quick registration and enrolling within Jackrabbit also have these have all been updated to use both settings. Make Sale/Post Fees: Add Tax… If this is yes, the “Post Fees” section of Make Sale / Post Fees will default to having tax automatically calculated. Tax Tuition and enrollment… If this is yes:   Tuition fees will be taxed when a student enrolls.   Tuition fees will be taxed when a student enrolls via Web Registration.   Tuition fees will be […]

Post Late/Misc Fees: Added Post Fee Per Option

Post Late/Misc Fees has a new Post Fee Per option called Student That Meets Criteria. This makes it possible to post a fee only to the student who matches the search criteria without posting the fee to all active students in the same family. EX:  You want to post a fee to students enrolled in Cat1=Team. Previously, the only Post Fee Per option which would work is Active Student. However, this posts the Team fee to all active students in the family, even the ones not enrolled in Team. By adding the new option, you can now post the Team fee to only active students who are enrolled in Team.