What Do You Do With the Time You Save?

What do some people do with the time saved using Jackrabbit? Seems like some people have time for foot massages! After scoring Jackrabbit a 9 in a recent customer satisfaction survey, Haley Clark, owner of WaterSprites Swim School provides this answer to the question ‘How can we get a 10?’: “No one has flown out and given me a foot massage yet. Fly out and give me a foot massage.” This is, by far, the most original and amazing answer to this question that we have received to-date!

Reporting Is Critical to Making Waves Swim School’s Daily Processes

Making Waves Swim School uses Jackrabbit reporting for accomplishing daily tasks and in continuously raising the level of customer service they provide to their families. “One of my favorite traits of Jackrabbit’s reports is that they can be exported into Excel for further comparison and manipulation.” Carrie Mendlow Whether it’s simply to sort the data in a unique way or to insert additional data before producing a final report for use, Making Waves leverages the flexibility of Jackrabbit’s reporting to use their data in a wide variety of ways.  Many reports help Making Waves to stay organized and serve as a way to find out many things they need to know about their school. Several of the reports that Carrie […]

Articulating Purpose was Key to Little Otter’s Mobile App Success

John Kirk of Little Otter Swim School describes his experience with Mobile Inventor. From initial brainstorming to final sign-off, John found Mobile Inventor responsive to their ideas and knowledgeable about how to deliver what they wanted. Purpose Drives Features Articulating the purpose of their app was critical for Little Otter. Mobile Inventor helped them brainstorm and work through their thoughts on this. Mobile Inventor brought great understanding of how people find and use mobile apps. Why they download them and generally what they are looking for in them. Little Otter added to this their knowledge of what their customers need from them, and before long, the team had a powerful plan mocked up. “Mobile Inventor helped us understand that it […]

Integrated Solution Puts Critical Process in Hands of Payroll Experts

Mike McKamy of Little Waves Swim School talks about the benefits of using ExpressPayroll and Jackrabbit’s Time Clock. Using Express Payroll integrated with Jackrabbit delivers value to your business by. .. Making the employee time management and payroll process accurate, timely and worry-free. Eliminating risk of making errors in state and federal tax compliance. Ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of withholding tax payments. Maintaining records and providing reports that help you through audits. “Why would a gym NOT use Time Clock and ExpressPayroll? This is a no-brainer because it allows you to have a payroll system integrated into your management software without getting another system.” Ensuring Thoroughness and Accuracy Employee Time Management and Payroll involve pains-taking details, critical processes and […]

Open Water Adventures Uses Jackrabbit to Handle Rapid Growth and Liberate Staff

www.openwateradventures.com 1 location, 320/420 swimmers with seasonal swing, 14 instructors Ashton Gantz, Administrative Director THE CHALLENGE Open Water Adventures had their manual systems down pat. They were comfortable with Excel spreadsheets and their homegrown processes for managing classes, payments and student information seemed to work just fine. But as they began to experience rapid growth – doubling their student base in one year – there were just too many details to handle without some sort of organizational tools and automation. THE SOLUTION Jackrabbit helped OWA to put an infrastructure in place to easily expand the number of students they could handle and the reporting tools to monitor all business critical details. Online registration, the portal and automated payment processing have […]

Jackrabbit Makes Operating Multiple Locations Easy and Affordable

The Swim School and The Swim School of Bossier www.theswimschool.org 2 locations, Estimating more than 1000 with new second location/25instructors Catherine Oberle, Owner Elaine Ramoz, Facility Manager THE CHALLENGE The Swim School had been through a few other types class management software when they decided that they should put an online system in place. A PC-based system would not work for them and the fact that they had 2 locations now was going to increase their costs significantly with some of the alternatives out there. They chose Jackrabbit because they could have the advantages of an online system and enjoy a pricing model that doesn’t penalize them for having multiple locations. THE SOLUTION When The Swim School implemented Jackrabbit, one […]

Time-Saving Technology Transforms the Way Chicago Swim School Operates

The first swim season Buffy experienced as new owner of the Chicago Swim School was one filled with marathon-type hours of data entry and payment processing due to the lack of a technology support system that included online registration options. That season would be the only one Buffy would experience with no technology in place. Soon after the initial ordeal ended, Chicago Swim School implemented an automated system that offered parents online registration and a portal for opening up access for parents to make payments and manage account information. “Jackrabbit provides several features and processes that boost the professionalism of our school to our staff and to our parents. We all have greater confidence in the accuracy and the security […]

Jackrabbit’s Centralized Tools and Processes Help Wolfies Become More Organized

Wolfies Swim School www.wolfiesswimschool.com 1 location plus seasonal contract work with Rice University 300 – 450 swimmers, with seasonal swing, 11-12 instructors Owner, Cindy Wolf Meador THE CHALLENGE Wolfies met daily challenges with its existing software. It really was a confusing mess that lacked centralized data management and organizational tools that the staff needed. And when issues arose – which was often – customer support just didn’t come through. Wolfies also still used some old-school processes that didn’t allow for any type of process efficiencies. THE SOLUTION Wolfies’ referral to Jackrabbit was a random suggestion from an Apple Store associate. Since then nothing about the solution has been random. In fact, it is the software that office manager Leigh Harper […]

Jackrabbit’s Flexibility Accommodates Multiple Ways Swim Students Need to be Managed

Coach Eve Learn to Swim www.coachevelearntoswim.com Multiple mobile locations 500/12,000 students, 30/60 instructors, with seasonal swing Owner, Coach Eve THE CHALLENGE Coach Eve needed software that would allow her great flexibility to manage her own swim students who paid monthly and the data details for students of the organizations that contract her to teach lessons at their facilities. With such varying needs, could Coach Eve possibly find a single solution to manage everything? THE SOLUTION Jackrabbit can accommodate the needs of Coach Eve’s two business models. The software allows for manipulation that meets needs that are very unique to the way she works and needs to supply information to her contracting organizations. Coach Eve provides reporting to each organization that […]

Jackrabbit Makes Accurate Information Available with Just a Click

Kings Swim Academy www.kingsswimacademy.com 2 locations Owner, Joan Smith THE CHALLENGE Kings Swim Academy has similar needs to many swim schools. They need to be able to answer parents’ questions quickly and easily.  With a busy front desk, Office Manager, Shiloh Hurst and the Academy staff need tools that are helpful in making the details of day-to-day tasks practically automatic. In the perfect world, their software would give them accurate information that is easy to find. THE SOLUTION The Academy’s staff is constantly enrolling or transferring students or providing account and class information to parents. When a call comes in or a parent walks up to the counter, it’s a great time-saver for staff to be able to manage the […]