Do Your Customers Trust You?

“Do you trust us?” It is a question that you would rarely ask of customers. You may even assume that you know their response. “Sure I do.”  Why else would they do business with you? How can you uncover this information? After all, it is important. This level of customer trust can make a difference […]

The Business of Business!

YOU know that business is tough – even under the best of circumstances! Why? Because it seems like there are about a million details, all of which are vital, immediate and important either to you, your staff or your customers. Your “internal thought-cloud” (see graphic) is constantly churning with the overlapping, shifting and persistent priorities. […]

No Love: 9 Ways to Completely Fail at Employee Recognition

We’re all familiar with the benefits of employee recognition. When employees feel valued, they’re more engaged, more motivated, and more likely to go the extra mile for their company (just to name a few). But despite knowing the impact it can have on employee morale and business success; some companies still completely fail at employee recognition. […]

Top 10 Ways to Double Your Gym’s Income

There are no shortcuts on the road to success, but there are proven methods that can increase your likelihood of avoiding potholes & detours and at arriving safely (and with some more money in your pocket). I absolutely LOVE conducting experiments in my Gym-Biz Laboratory. Fortunately, some of my experiments succeed (but most fail pretty […]

The Consistency Secret: Year-round Schedule

Quite a few of our owners have learned a secret that has increased their growth. It has to do with consistency. Perhaps calling this a secret is a stretch. There are lots of organization who understand – and leverage – this very simple strategy for increasing enrollment and revenues: year-round schedule. Year-round schedule can boost […]

Purpose – It’s About Yourself

What? Having a purpose is all about yourself, but not in the way you may initially think. Members of today’s selfie generation seem only to want to look at their own reflections. Some call this the “see me” complex: “see me” in my new car, “see me” on vacation, see me on my birthday. Even […]