Zippy and Zipperina are Now 10 Feet Tall!

Jackrabbit is thrilled to present a couple of new faces to you. Well, they actually aren’t new faces. You’ve seen them before. You’ve just never seen them live and walking around!

We’ve brought Zippy and Zipperina to life!

If you see Jackrabbit Technologies out at an event, you may also see one of Jackrabbit’s new mascots!

A full 10 feet tall, the two bunnies work with each other to cover some of Jackrabbit’s events in the community, in the industry, and maybe even around visiting children!

We hope you and all the kids who meet Zippy and Zipperina will have pictures made and post them to Facebook with our hashtag: #ShowLovefortheBunny

This is an exciting addition to the Jackrabbit family and we hope that you’ll have the opportunity to meet 10-foot Zippy or Zipperina soon. In the meantime, catch a glimpse of them on this video!

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