Weekly Calendar Now Allows Dark Colors & Light Text for Income Categories (Category 1)

How many times have you heard a Support Representative tell you that you can only use light colors for your Category 1 values as dark colors won’t show the text in the Calendar View? NO MORE! We have smartened up our Calendars so when you use a dark color to represent a Category 1 name, the calendar will automatically switch to white text, so content is easy to read!

You can see in the screenshot above how Jackrabbit automatically displays white or black text dependent on the color chosen. White for dark backgrounds, and black for light backgrounds. This offers you improved readability and more flexibility in choosing your Category colors.

To set or edit your Category 1 colors, click Tools > Edit Settings, then select Drop-down Lists from the left side menu. Finally, select Category 1 (Income Categories). There you’ll find a crayon icon next to each category. Click that icon to select your color and save changes when finished. Jackrabbit will do the rest.

For more information on the Weekly Calendar, please refer to our Help Center: https://help.jackrabbitclass.com/help/weekly-view-calendar


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