We Care: It’s Why We Do What We Do

Jackrabbit is a very purpose-driven company.

There was a reason our founders started the company. They saw that some of their friends and business acquaintances needed technology that would help them run their gyms. They cared enough about this need to build software that would do that. It started out as a side business that might fill a gap. Today it’s a successful company that continues the founders’ original quest: caring enough to help.

As the company grew, the software was tweaked to provide the same operational platform for several markets where children’s activities were offered.

Fostering Helpfulness

Internally, Jackrabbit’s team members also foster helpfulness. Early on when the 3-employee staff grew to 4, there was plenty of help for that person in learning what it took to do his or her job and become a part of the company.

Becoming a part of Jackrabbit is exactly what new employees do – even with the company tipping the 50 employee count – because Jackrabbit isn’t just a company, it’s a culture. You not only become part of Jackrabbit but its warmness, its sincerity, its generosity, and its helpfulness become part of you.

Caring is Woven into Phenomenal Service

Our Support team is widely known as the most helpful and sincere in the industry. Our people are genuinely concerned about the success and happiness users are able to attain with the software. Our Development and Onboarding teams are no different. The Dev team recently pitched in with their technical skills to help a customer who suffered devastation to an earthquake in Mexico to figure out a way to get access to the software. Our Onboarding team joined with our Support and Billing teams to help customers whose businesses were recently impacted by disastrous weather phenomena. And our Marketing team has been actively seeking out customers is distress and rallying financial support through Red Cross donations.

Helping is obviously part of what we do. In our industry, in our local community, and beyond both of those to our global community, Jackrabbit helps. And the reason? We care enough to plan it and do it.

What are the “other” ways Jackrabbit helps – beyond providing software that helps people get work done?

A Standard of Caring

Some ways that Jackrabbit gives are simply “the standard” in a caring company.

For example, whenever a client experiences a disaster that prevents them from holding their classes and therefore making their living, Jackrabbit works with them to help their situation by doing such things as suspending fees. This may not mean thousands and thousands of dollars to customers, but it does take one less worry off of their minds.

Jackrabbit Provides Global Support

Jackrabbit supports an international children’s assistance organization called Grain of Wheat. This purpose of this organization is to help provide basics for children in impoverished areas – all over the world. Everything from providing hygiene items to children deep in an African outback village, to shipping socks and mittens off to desperately poor children in cold eastern European countries and supporting the budgetary needs of the organization itself so the good works can continue.

It’s a standard of caring that we’ve set.

Jackrabbit Steps Up Locally

Through monetary donations (which we believe are important because they enable the organizations to operate), the donation of needed items, and through the contributing our combined time and energy, assistance can be leveraged where it’s needed most.

We help within the industries we serve. We provide scholarships to help folks who are struggling financially and simply can’t afford to get training they need to become proficient in Jackrabbit and do their jobs better.

Jackrabbit Helps Friends

A long-time company friend and customer suffered devastating tragedy that cost him his limbs. He was supplied with prostheses through medical avenues, but he could no longer participate in a sport he loves: cycling. This person now has a bicycle that most cyclists would envy – and it’s up-fitted with prosthetic handlebars. It’s equipped with gears that are changed with the chin and a special brake operated by sliding the buttocks back on the seat! Today this amazing friend and customer can again safely and comfortably enjoy an activity he loves. See Hugh Gerlach ride his new bicycle.

Bold about Trying New Things

Jackrabbit is not shy about trying something new. We’re boldly researching ways to partner with our own customers to help them make their community service efforts stronger.

Jackrabbit is Just a Bunch of Helpers

That’s what Jackrabbit is made up of. We don’t feel this obligation simply because we’re in the position that we can do it or because PR experts (like me) say that community service is a great PR tool. Jackrabbit helps because each of us feels the obligation as a member of society to take care of our peers wherever and whoever they are. A little here, a little there: it adds up a lot of help when its a team effort. It is very compelling and genuine. And quite honestly it’s a very amazing feeling to know that you’ve helped someone live a more satisfying life. We hope that sharing some of the creative ways that we “help” will inspire you to seek out ways that you too can be helpers and experience the amazing feeling that is the gift to you for helping.

In our marketplace, in our local community, and beyond both of those to our global community, it’s all about helping. And Jackrabbit cares enough to help.


About the Author:

After studying graphic design at the University of Georgia, Jill held several positions in media and marketing including Art Director, Editor and Marketing Director. As a student of dance, she has spent plenty of time in children’s activity centers and puts that experience to work for her in the work she does with Jackrabbit. In addition to her interest in dance, Jill also enjoys sports, gourmet cooking, entertaining, singing and spoiling her five grandchildren.

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