We Are Thankful

We have so much to be thankful for.

  • We live in relative safety and enjoy a great quality of life – especially when you consider what some areas of the world endure.
  • We live in a country offering freedoms that are not supported in many areas of our world.
  • We travel and speak freely and work at jobs of our choice or start our own business.
  • We have the freedom to speak our minds and vote our consciences.
  • We are indeed, blessed and we should be thankful.

And we at Jackrabbit are fortunate to work for a company whose values are based on an attitude of thankfulness.

If you wonder how that can be, I’ll explain by asking a few questions.

  • Why else would Jackrabbit put customer success as priority one?
  • Why else would Jackrabbit invest so much in staffing the best customer support department in our industry?
  • Why else would Jackrabbit create a new department especially designed for guiding customers through their new customer experience?
  • Why else would Jackrabbit expand its education department to provide traditional and innovative ways for customers to learn more about the software?

Think about it. All of this effort, investment, and commitment begins with the fact that Jackrabbit is thankful for each and every customer: those who have been with us for many or a few years and those who are brand new.

Customers are Jackrabbit’s top priority. Not revenue figures or growth percentages.

Impressive statistics are nice, but, honestly, we don’t have to be concerned about stats if we simply allow our actions to be guided by thankfulness.

On Thanksgiving Day, we hope you can sense the appreciation each Jackrabbit team member feels for you – our amazing customers – and  the relationships we enjoy as we work together to make your business a success.

Today and every day, we give thanks.

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