Continuous Jackrabbit software enhancements.

Valuable Information Added to Class List Grids on Several Pages

Jackrabbit keeps a wealth of your organization’s information safe, organized and available to you. Now there is even more information on several critical pages!

New columns for Openings and Makeups were added so that you have access to more information on these pages. This isn’t the only thing this enhancement does. It also contributes to our efforts in simplifying Jackrabbit because it makes the information displayed on these pages consistent with what is displayed in many other places across Jackrabbit and has probably become the “standard information” that you expect to see on Class grids.

Columns for Openings and Makeups were added to these pages:

  • Transfer class*
  • Student enroll
  • Class search
  • Global class search

*The column for Master Class was renamed to Per Day in the transfer class search.

Transfer class search example:

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