User Conference Video – Users Unite at Jackrabbit HQ

Jackrabbit’s East Coast User Conference – held February 6-8 at the company’s headquarters near Charlotte NC – was very exciting in many ways.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap:

The 2 ½ day deep dive into Jackrabbit featured comprehensive sessions that took users through features, best practices and functionality tips of many of the most highly utilized areas of the system.

“While hosting a ‘leaner’ crowd than last year, we feel like the staff to user ratio created a more interactive and more productive conference,” commented President Mark Mahoney. “It is fantastic to have high interest but we also want to make sure that each user event we host is effective for those who make the investment to attend.”

The conference provided both new users and veterans with learning opportunities and content geared toward their skill levels. Two areas of the system that inspire the most questions are generally financial and reporting. Not only are these two of the most highly utilized, these areas also help to manage the critical cash flow, billing and payment aspects of the business, so understanding their use is vital to owners and managers so Jackrabbit makes sure that each User Conference includes quite a few sessions for both new and veteran users on topics that fall under the financial and reporting categories.

Online Registration was another high-appeal topic at this User Conference. It can be such a game-changing process for those who implement it that it is no wonder both new and veteran users want to soak up all possible information about the best practices for using it and the ways others have applied it to unique situations.

Despite the Thursday’s rain, most attendees joined Jackrabbit’s team for an evening at Michael Waltrip Racing! The tour was interesting – even for those who aren’t race fans – and it was a great venue for a party where lots of delicious food and beverage was consumed!

From attendees we heard: “I loved seeing the “faces” of Jackrabbit!” “Thank you to the entire Jackrabbit staff – You Rock!”

Actually – we think you “Rock”!

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