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Top Enhancements for March

Time Clock Enhancements

Decreasing Approve/Unapprove Processing Time

Processing approved/unapproved in Time Clock now takes from 3-6 seconds instead of the previous 1 minute. A “Loading” alert will provide notice that the processing is taking place. The larger the facility, the more different you will notice in processing time.

Change in Default Values

Default value changes in Time Clock make clicking through your time card search process much faster!

“Find Time Card Entries” default value now shows as “Unapproved” time entries.

“Show Summary or Detail” default value now shows as “Individual Time Entries”.








Updates to Splitting Time Entries

Several changes to Split capabilities in Time Clock make this process more intuitive for you and your staff.

When a time entry is split, the button name changes from “Split” to “Edit Split”.

The “Edit Split” pop-up has a new button called “Delete Split”. This will remove the split completely. This doesn’t change the in/out times.

When a time entry is split, the in and out times are no longer editable, the split will need to be deleted in order to change the in/out times. After the in/out times are changed, the time entry can be split again if necessary.

The ability to “Delete Split” is available to the staff person in the time clock (if they are in clock in/out time entry method) and to a Jackrabbit User ID in the Staff’s Time Clock tab.









Addition to Email Leads

The latest updates in the Lead File enable you to use “birth month” as a new criteria for searches.





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