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Today’s Enhancements: Confirmations, Clarifications & Criteria

1. “Invalid emails” change in Email Families, Email Class and Email Leads.

The email confirmation received by users from the above, now lists separately any “invalid” email addresses. Also, the “sent” count now only includes the valid email addresses. Finally, two confirmation emails used to be sent: one with the email content and one with the list of email addresses. These have been combined into one email which contains both the content and the email addresses.

The system only checks whether the email format is correct (i.e., not missing the “.com” etc), not whether it was actually delivered.

2. Batch E-Payment text change

In an effort to clarify the action that the user is taking, the word “post” has been changed to “charge”.


3. Web Registration Class Search now includes “Day”

The system looks at the org’s Cat3s and determines if they are days of the week. If Cat3 is not ‘days’, then a new “Day” column will be displayed. If Cat3 is days of the week, then the “Day” column will be hidden. This was done In an effort to not effect orgs who are using the work around of Cat3 being day of the week. It could confuse parents to see 2 areas with the same information (day of the week).


Please visit the features area of our website for more information.




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