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Today’s Enhancement: Post Annual Fees Duplicate Fee Detection – Calculation Change

Before today’s enhancement release, the duplicate fee detection in Post Annual Fees looked for posted fees with an “Amount” equal to the amount of the fee about to be posted. The problem arose when the first fee was discounted. The system would not see it at as a duplicate fee because the “Amount” wasn’t equal to the new fee about to be posted. The enhancement was made so the system now looks to the existing fee’s “Original Amount” when trying to locate possible duplicate fees.

For example:

I charge an annual registration fee of $40. I bill this once a year in May for all families (it covers May 2012-April 2013). Any families who enroll in April 2012 do not pay the registration fee for May 2011-April 2012.

The Hollern family joined my studio April 1, 2012 and they have prepaid the registration fee for 2012-2013. However, they had a coupon which discounted their registration fee to $20.

It’s now the end of April and I’m posting the $40 annual registration fee to all families for their May statement. Prior to this enhancement, the Hollern family would have had the registration fee posted again and been double billed (because system only saw “Amount” of  “$20”). As of today, the Hollern’s won’t be double billed the registration fee because the system matches to the “Original Amount” of $40 (not the “Amount” of $20).


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