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Tips from Customer Support: Linking Fees and Payments

Our advice and tips come directly from our Support Team’s experiences with you.   

Check out Section 8 in the Jackrabbit User Guide: Understanding the Importance of Linking Fees and Payments.  In order for your Revenue to be recorded properly in Jackrabbit you must be sure that your Fees and Payments are properly linked.
The process of linking ensures that Jackrabbit knows what Category 1 or Bucket to put the money in.  If Payments are not linked in Jackrabbit, they are considered “unapplied” and will show up as a large amount of unapplied money when you pull Revenue Reports.

It is easy to find and correct unapplied payments in Jackrabbit.

Simply run a Transactions – Advanced Search – Special Search Option – Fees with unapplied amounts.  This will find any Fees that do not have Payments applied or Linked to them.  It is best to pull reports weekly to see if there is any money that needs to be properly applied.

Reviewing Section 8 in the User Guide called Ensuring Accurate Revenue Reporting in its entirety is very helpful in understanding how best to ensure your Accounts Receivables are recorded accurately.  This section will show you examples of the best reports to run and how best to organize your revenue.

As with anything in Jackrabbit, support team members are happy to schedule calls to discuss your set up in Jackrabbit. Just use the support button to request a call!

Check your Jackrabbit User Guide often for new updates and enhancements!

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